How to deal with a uti on your period

How to deal with a uti on your period

People of all ages can have a urinary tract infection (UTI), but it can be particularly bothersome if it happens when you're on your period. UTIs can result in symptoms including discomfort or burning when peeing, frequent impulses to urinate, and abdominal ache. UTIs are brought on by bacteria entering the urinary tract.

A UTI can develop into more serious health issues, such a kidney infection, if it is not treated. Here are some suggestions for treating a UTI while you are on your period and managing the symptoms:

Remain hydrated: Drinking lots of water can assist to eliminate bacteria from the urinary system and lower the chance of getting a UTI. During your period, it's crucial to consume enough fluids to help replenish those lost due to menstrual flow.

Use the restroom frequently: Frequent urination can aid in the removal of bacteria from the urinary tract and lower the chance of developing a UTI. In order to stop bacteria from entering the urethra, it's also critical to exercise proper hygiene by wiping from front to back. To avoid holding in your urine, it's crucial to urinate as soon as you get the need. Holding in your pee can encourage the growth of bacteria and raise your chance of getting a UTI.

Do not use feminine hygiene products: Some feminine hygiene products, such as douches and scented sprays, might alter the usual balance of bacteria in the vagina and raise the risk of a UTI. Utilizing these products during your period is typically best avoided.

Seek treatment: It's crucial to get treatment as soon as you can if you are exhibiting signs of a UTI, such as burning or pain when peeing. Antibiotics are an effective way to treat UTIs since they can assist to get rid of the infection and stop further problems. At Juna, we provide same day prescription with the medication directly to your doorstep. Visit the link here for more information.