Chlamydia bumps on tongue

Chlamydia bumps on tongue

The bacteria Chlamydia Trachomatis is the source of the sexually transmitted infection (STI) known as chlamydia. Although it mostly affects the genitalia, it can also have an impact on the mouth and throat. Although they are a rare sign of the illness, chlamydia pimples on the tongue might appear.It is possible to contract chlamydia during anal, vaginal, or oral intercourse.

Can you get Chlamydia in the throat?

Although chlamydia is most frequently linked to genital infections, it can also be spread through oral intercourse, it's crucial to remember. A person who has chlamydia in their throat during oral intercourse can transmit the infection to their partner.

  • Giving oral sex to an infected area
  • Getting oral sex with someone who has an infected area in the throat

What does Chlamydia in the throat look like?

Chlamydia in the throat typically causes mild symptoms that are simple to ignore. Sore throats, coughs, and fever are a few of the most typical signs. Chlamydia can, on occasion, result in lumps or sores on the tongue or other parts of the mouth. Chlamydia tongue bumps are tiny, red or white pimples that develop on the tongue's surface. They typically cause no discomfort and are simple to ignore. But if ignored, these bumps can develop into more significant health issues. Chlamydia bacteria can spread from the vaginal area to the mouth and throat in an infected person. The resulting inflammation and discomfort in the mouth might result in the development of pimples or sores on the tongue.

How is is treated?

The recommended CDC treatment for Chlamydia Doxycycline. The treatment is 7 days with the ability to slow or stop the the bacteria from growing. Even if symptoms improve or go away, you must complete the full course of antibiotics. Stopping early could allow the infection to return.

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