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At the push of a button, we provide testing, diagnosis and treatment options for everything in the realm of sexual wellness. We offer at-home STD tests to medication delivery, for all your “below the belt” needs.


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We use discreet packaging and ship direct, so you never have to worry about anyone else knowing what's on your order.


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Get the help you need, when you need it. Message our doctor any time and get answers from our medical team.

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Generic Plan B

Levonorgestrel is a trusted emergency contraceptive that’s more affordable than Plan B®. With the same ingredient, take it up to 3 days after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure—like a broken condom or missed day of birth control pills.

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Yeast Infection

Over the counter treatments for Yeast Infection often just don’t work.  Get real relief prescribed treatment and delivery for vaginal yeast infection treatment and chronic yeast infection.

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Genital & Oral Herpes

Don’t let the stigma of genital herpes keep you from getting the treatment you need. Access hassle-free and judgement-free herpes treatment with our fast shipping directly to your door when going through an outbreak.

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Bacterial Vaginosis

Cure Bacterial Vaginosis. Prevent chronic vaginal odor. Get your sex-life back.  Antibiotics are the most effective way to treat BV and clear inflammation (which increases STI risk).

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Urinary Tract Infection

We get it, the burning, itching and urgency is not fun and enjoyable. We’ve got you covered. Order now and get your treatment today.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Don’t put your love life on hold. Get medication prescribed by a real, US-licensed healthcare professional. All from the comfort of home.

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Chlamydia Treatment

Be sure to get tested for Chlamydia before an infection has a chance to develop. Get your Chlamydia treatment today!

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