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Sexual Wellness

"The team represent an essential move towards creating health solutions from within a community, not handed down from above."

"Sex education in America is flimsy at best, but with access to a whole world online at your fingertips, it's become increasingly easy to become more educated."

"Hoping to shift the convention around testing to something that you do proactively, instead of reactively."

How it Works?

Online Consultation

Respond to a few basic questions for our clinical staff to evaluate concerning your health objectives.

Medication Delivery

Scientifically-supported therapies for a range of concerns including sexual health and weight management with treatment delivered at your doorstep.

Clinical Support

Get medical advice, treatment options and prescription support on-demand, wherever you are. No appointments or waiting rooms, just quick and convenient care virtually.

Doctor-backed treatment plans


Online with same-day prescription if approved


Clinical support with licensed doctors for free


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Doctor-Backed Support

We understand the importance of having trusted, professional support when it comes to your health and wellness. That's why we are proud to have a team of licensed physicians who work closely with you to provide the highest level of care when you need it most.

Dr. Kyle Hoedebcke, MD

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